About Us

The Holy BibleThe mission of Crossroads Ministries is answering God's call to minister to those struggling with unacceptable sexual issues. Historically, the response of the conservative church in matters relating to sex and sexual orientation has been characterized by embarrassment, fear, confusion, and exclusion. Other, more liberal, church groups have offered consent or tolerance and acceptance. Neither of these responses is in harmony with the Word of God, and the results of one or the other approach can be tragic.

While neither condoning nor supporting enslavement to sexual and pornographic addictions, homosexuality, and other sex-related problems, Crossroads seeks to come alongside and stand with those seeking freedom from these bonds. The goal of the ministry is to assist those dealing with such attachments, leading them to a committed relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to full fellowship with the church.


Making the choice to be Free Crossroads is an interdenominational ministry, operating independently of any church. It was an affiliate ministry of Exodus International until they closed in 2013. We will be looking at two international organizations that will give us oversight. They are Restored Hope Network and Hope For Wholeness. The Board of Trustees of Crossroads and the staff are Christians who live and work in Charlotte. Crossroads works alongside the church to provide a Christ-centered, compassionate ministry that is biblically based, consistent with historic Christian teachings, and informed by sound psychological principles. In this view, growth results from the application of biblical principles, from the development of personal, supportive relationships, and with the realization of one's true identity in Christ. Understanding the pain and confusion of those in such struggle, Crossroads is dedicated to providing an environment of support and encouragement for those wanting to change.


Confidentiality is faithfully respected in all Crossroads services. Confidentiality is not honored when harmful, dangerous, or criminal actions are revealed, whether past, present, or of future intent.


Crossroads holds weekly support group meetings and provides scripture-centered counseling. All activities are designed to offer emotional, psychological, and spiritual support for those seeking the resolution of sexual issues.

Statement of Faith

Please read the Crossroads Statement of Faith for more information about our Christ-centered ministry, or visit our links and resources page.


Crossroads Ministries is supported entirely by the tax-deductible contributions from those it serves, from other Christians who believe in our work, and from churches that share our vision. The provision of ministry services is entirely dependent upon the financial underwriting of its activies.

Community Outreach

The ministry welcomes the opportunity to speak and share its work and testimony with local Christian groups and organizations. Inquiries about speaking opportunities by one of our staff may be made through our Contact Us page.